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Promotional page for the now-defunct gaming group “Contingency.” Unlike the other samples I've provided, this was a Ruby on Rails based project. As such, the script sources are in CoffeeScript rather than raw JavaScript.


Twitch integration was used to show indicators for members with live streams, and to show a preview of the stream on their profile pages along with a little information.



Similar to the Twitch integration, members could list YouTube videos on their profile. This script was responsible for fetch metadata about each video.



This is one of the view partials used on the site, to illustrate the extensive use of templating and programmatic generation.


Professional Driver Agency

An iostudio project. This was effectively my full responsibility, front- and back-end, although of course I needed to stay at least close to iostudio's usual conventions. The project is still viewable at

Modal Video

One feature was a video in a modal “dialog” on the home page. This script controlled that.


Multi-Stage Form

On the “Get Started” page was a fairly complex form, broken into three stages, with some custom controls and client-side validations.


Tumblr Theme

Recently I took on a strictly for-fun project, replacing a Tumblr blog theme. It may be an unorthodox thing to use as a work sample, however these are notoriously difficult to work on, due to the unavailability of a fully-featured development environment, including their unique template engine. One has to work “blind” to some extent, and hope you know what you are doing well enough to get the intended result.

Infinite Scroll

One of the included features was infinite scrolling, whereby additional pages-worth of content would be loaded dynamically as the user approached the bottom of the page. While I could have hosted the script with Tumblr's CDN and used the conventional AJAX based approach, I decided to instead host the file myself and find some more clever way to approach the problem, this being just a for-fun project anyhow. This script contains the implementation of my solution, which uses iframes and Messaging.


Layout & Colors

Other features included dynamic multi-column vertical layout, and a whimsical colorization feature.


UPS Jobs Map

This was my final project for iostudio, wherein I needed to implement interactive job listings, including a vector map of the United States that zoomed and panned according to the user's selected state. Data was broken into per-state chunks, loaded asynchronously as needed, and plotted as simple markers on the vector map. My role in the project was limited to this one task; as such I had no authoritative voice regarding the selection and use of any particular code conventions, libraries, or tools aside from those specific to this one feature.

The project was already behind schedule and over budget when I was brought in; in fact, it was partly because of this that I was offered the job at all, to help lighten the load on the main development team. As such, fundamental code quality was a secondary concern to feature completeness. This was completed in the equivelant time of just a few work days.


The vector map itself was created using jVectorMap, and all page behavior driven by the following script.



This was the corresponding style source, for reference.