I first taught myself the essentials of markup and stylesheets, when HTML 3.2 was the latest, and CSS was an experiment. The web has changed considerably since then, but my love of the technology behind it remains constant. Having worked primarily as a freelancer, I've had to be self-motivating and self-managing, capable of working equally as well alone or with a team, and broad in my skills and vision. And yes, I wear the hat.


I hold to the belief that the web, as a platform, is only just realizing its true potential for more creative, meaningful, and expedient ways of accessing and consuming information and services. Being a part of that, requires first being part of a team providing something useful to real people. I'm hoping to find stability and focus through proper employment, in order to produce work I can be truly proud of.

Skills & Tools
Core Technologies HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript
Frameworks & Libraries Bootstrap, Detectizr, Foundation, jQuery, metaquery, Modernizr, etc
Techniques AJAX, live generation, responsive, single-page-app, transitions, etc
Toolchain RequireJS, SASS, etc
Back-End Apache, nginx, PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Symfony, Vibe.d, etc

Over the last five years I've worked as an independent contractor. In that time I contributed markup and style work on nationalguard.com and other projects, implemented the page at veterans.hillsdale.edu, and was responsible for both front- and back-end on pdateam.com. Going back more than a decade, I've provided consultancy and piecemeal work for a variety of clients.

Referral and References
Dustin Pate 270-302-2743 dustin.pate@getbuilt.com Developer at Built Technologies; have worked together on various occasions.
Matthew Walker 801-400-9708 utoxin@gmail.com Acquaintance of many years; senior developer at BambooHR.
Chris Chitwood 513-543-8307 Chrischitwood85@gmail.com A friend and former client; server management; back- and front-end web development.
The End